Enhanced Photodegradation of Paracetamol Using Magnetite Loaded on Waste Tyre Carbon Catalyst


  • Nurfatehah Wahyuny Che Jusoh
  • Nur Adilla Abd Kadir
  • Ahmad Masudi


Paracetamol, magnetite, waste tyre carbon, degradation


In the recent years, traces of pharmaceutical waste particularly paracetamol (PCT) in water body had increases due to the increasing of its usage and production. Since the discharge of wastewater containing PCT into water body cause harm to environment and human health, it is crucial to find a suitable treatment method to overcome this problem. In this study, a series of magnetite, Fe3O4 loaded on waste tyre carbon (WTC) catalyst was synthesized via electrochemical method. The different weight loading of Fe3O4 loaded on WTC was evaluated for degradation of PCT under UV light irradiation. The catalyst was subjected to X-ray diffraction (XRD), Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) and N2 adsorption-desorption to study their physicochemical properties. The highest degradation percentage of PCT (76%) with initial degradation rate of 0.024 mg/L.min was achieved with 5% Fe3O4 loaded on WTC. This optimum degradation was notice at PCT concentration of 5 mg/L (pH 5) using 0.4 g/L of 5% Fe3O4/WTC for 2 h reaction. Finally, the result could contribute to electrosynthesis advancement of Fe3O4 loaded on abundant waste tyre carbon for the removal of pharmaceutical waste in wastewater.


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